As attorneys our training and skills are limited to the law. Many of our clients need other assistance with managing their lives. We provide this resource list as a service to our clients and any other residents of Washington County who need assistance

Low Income and Sliding Scale Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Lifeworks NW:
Offices in Beaverton, Hillsboro and Cedar Mill. Not only do they do counseling, but they also can help people who are homeless or transitional find housing, procure vouchers, and more. They are wonderful to work with, they have offices everywhere and are incredibly helpful. They will assign people caseworkers to coordinate care and treatment, along with helping to get housing, food stamps, and other benefits They accept OHP, sliding scale payments as well.

Adult Mental Health, Supported Housing, Residential Treatment, Child & Family Care, Substance Use/Addiction Counseling

Sequoia Mental Health:

Office in Aloha and in Hillsboro. They work on a smaller scale than Lifeworks NW assigning caseworkers to coordinate care and treatment, helping to coordinate housing, food stamps, etc. They accept OHP and sliding scale payments.

Vocational Rehabilitation

State of Oregon:
Work with disabled individuals to assist them to find work that matches their skills and abilities, and work with local business to put people to work. There is one office that serves all of Washington County.

Washington County Vocational Rehabilitation: 8880 SW Nimbus Ave. Suite D Beaverton, OR 97008:      Phone 503-277-2500

Presumptive SSI Program 

State of Oregon DHS:

If a person has applied for Title XVI SSI, is receiving TANF or SNAP benefits, and is in danger of becoming homeless, they can qualify for the Pre-SSI program through the State of Oregon. This is for people applying for disability and must be paid back to the State once SSI is approved. People call apply for this at the same place they applied to receive their food stamps.


Independent Living Resources For Disabled People

Their main office is in Portland, but they service Washington County. They assist disabled people by offering classes, providing transportation, and all sorts of other opportunities for disabled people living in the community. They are a wonderful resource for people who have mobility issues and other needs.