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September 17, 2019  The ODCA Board sent a letter to the OPDS Commission stating our priorities and that our past support of the concepts contained in HB 3145 (The bill that would have expanded OPDS into a state trial level offices and added over 800 public employees to the agency) could not be taken for granted.  We had learned that the OPDS Commissioners had cancelled the general business meeting for September 18, and converted it to either a retreat or an orientation for new members. The Board felt it was necessary to let the Commission know ODCA's priorities. See attachment for more information.

September 3, 2019 The ODCA Board has adopted a resolution calling on providers to reject the currently proposed offer from the Office of Public Defense Services. That offer consisted of a 6 month extension of our current contracts, a 5% increase in pay, and some unknown modifications to the contract method of determining caseloads. The Board felt that the uncertainty of the 6 month extension and the new as yet unknown caseload standards were woefully inadequate to provide stable funding and the ability to make any long or medium term business plans.

In addition, the Board pointed out that the Agency received a 12% increase in it's personal services account (PSA) which is the source of funding for public defense lawyers. The Board was concerned that the Agency could divert some of the PSA account to other priorities of the agency. The Board believes that the Legislature increased the PSA in response to the Agencies plea for more funding for providers and therefor the increased funding should go to providers. Click on the link for a copy of the Resolution.


The Oregon Defense Consortia Association, Inc.  (Not to be confused with the Oregon Defense Attorney Consortium, the sponsor of this website)  is an organization of defense consortia throughout the state of Oregon. It was founded in 2018 for the purpose of advocating for the fiscal health of public defense providers in Oregon. Current Board members are:

  • President, Rob Harris, member of Oregon Defense Attorney Consortium (ODAC in Washington County)
  • Director, John Sarre:  member of Multnomah County Defense Consortium
  • Director and Secretary, Jon Pritchard: member of Bend Attorney Group, Deschuttes County
  • Director and Treasurer, Cierra Brown: member of Clackamas County Consortium
  • Director, Bruce Tarbox, member of Clackamas County Consortium

Our Mission: To advocate for and represent the interests of the private bar in Oregon who accept public defense cases. We fight for the following goals

  1.  Reasonable caseloads
  2.  Parity with other criminal law professionals
  3.  Foundational support in attracting and training highly qualified attorney


It's vitally important that if you support our mission and goals that you become a member. We ask members for a contribution of $300/year to support our ability to communicate our message and advocate for our fiscal needs to OPDS and the State Legislature.  We are committed primarily to assuring public defense attorneys are compensated fairly.  Send your check today to


C/O Ms. Cierra D Brown\
708 Main St Ste 201
Oregon City OR  97045


You can contact us at rjharris78@gmail.com