Oregon Defense Attorney Consortium

Oregon Defense Attorney Consortium, Inc.  is a non-profit Oregon Corporation founded by a group of unaffiliated Washington County Oregon area criminal defense lawyers dedicated to providing quality  criminal defense services  in the Washington County  Portland Metro Oregon area.

As part of their practices and as part of our professional obligations each ODAC attorney accepts a limited number of court appointments along with their retained clientele. 
To be a member of ODAC a defense attorney must devote 50% of their practice and/or have at least 10 years experience defending people accused of crimes. 

‚Äč                  Why Hire an ODAC Member Attorney?

Court Experience Counts:  ODAC attorneys  appear in Oregon Criminal courts on a regular basis. 

Knowledge of the System Counts: Attorneys who know the Judges, the Deputy DA's and who can efficiently and accurately analyze your criminal charges and advise you on your best options, whether it's by trial or plea agreement.

Broad Experience:  ODAC lawyers have years of experience in all types of cases. From driving violations to murder charges, there are one or more attorneys who can help you.

Efficiency: Attorneys who will work within your budget and may extend payment options

ODAC attorneys have dedicated their practices and their professional lives to defending those accused of crimes.